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A L Y + N O A H

A good friend of mine recently had her first little baby boy named Noah, who is an absolute little doll. She was kind enough to let me capture a few moments of the two of them. Ugghh there is nothing like a newborn! There little grunts and bobbly heads and puppy like breath. I see why women have more then one baby because after being around a newborn it makes you miss it all over again.
Here are just a few of my favorite moments capture of Aly and Noah. ( doesn't she make a beautiful mother)


Well I officially am terrible at sticking to this whole one photo a week thing but I swear Im going to do better. Soo even though I think its two weeks late heres my 2/52

I have decided to start the 52 project where you take a photo once a week of a subject. I am in desperate need of getting back into my photography and since I have an ever changing subject glued to my hip these days i figured this would be perfect. So expect some serious baby over load at least once every week!
Ace is officially two months old now! Seriously where the heck has time been going? He changes so much everyday I can seem to keep up. Currently he is a smiley little bug who can't help but crack a  smile every time you call him stinky (mind you it must be in a high pitch squeal otherwise its nothing to laugh about), he is discovering his hands and is trying extra hard these days to suck on his fingers to get that pesky little thumb of his. It must be his left hand though, the right hand is simply not useful to him.
Thus far sleeping is….well I'm not getting my full 8 hours if thats what your wondering. But we are getting there slowly but surely. And of course he is finding his voice too! His favorite things to discuss his past times with are the ceiling fan and a deer skull hanging on our bedroom wall. He knows who his true friends are no doubt about that.
Chad and I are trying to get the house more organized since there suddenly seems to be a lot more stuff around the house since we received our new roommate. We finally started hanging some stuff on our tv wall (three years later after moving in ehemmm) I would say all in all things are finally starting to fall right into their little places.


I always knew I would want to have a kid, maybe two. I loved the thought and the idea of it all and how it all looked. Every blog that I ever read made motherhood look glamorous and beautiful and I envied it. I already knew that being a parent wasn't easy, I am not naive to this by any means. But by golly its life changing for sure. The blogs that I drooled over failed to tell and show the struggles of waking up 2-4 times in the night. They forgot to mention the amount of laundry that turns into mountains in a matter of minutes. Or the fact that you simply don't feel the same after giving birth to a child. It must have skipped their minds to tell about how when your poor little baby is crying for reasons you don't understand that you want to give up and join them in their tears. Motherhood is exhausting. But I see why it is never brought up because even though its tiring and your more than just pooped out. The small tiny little things like them smiling in their sleep, looking up at you in confusion wondering who you are to them and having such adorable little toes. It makes those midnight wake up calls and extreme blown out diaper catastrophes so, so worth it. 
Life as we know it is totally different. Motherhood is hard. But I love it.