a delightful saturday

the weekend is aglow as the sun is hot the flowers are growing and the chicks are chirping. we are watching my sisters dog stella over the weekend who loves to lick me constantly for reasons i dont understand.
chad and i for once had no plans so we went and visited the park for a few hours but it was extremely hot today so we decided to take refuge in our little casa and watch indiana jones until the weather cooled down a bit. to me there is nothing like watching a movie in the middle of the day staying cool on your couch.

skirt: thrifted   belt: urban outfitters   shirt: free people 

in other news on friday i picked up six baby chicks. we used to have five chickens but we left town for the weekend and unfortunately they didnt make it. so we are starting out fresh again with these little guys. samson is not used to having something so tiny around  but he loves to sniff them.

oh and chad found this lovely little beauty while we were thrifting today! i hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. much love


  1. I am head over heels for your photography it is absolutely gorgeous


  2. I agree with the first commenter, these photos are awesome! I find myself staring at each over and over again! Love it!


  3. your words are so inspiring :) i feel like i can get lost inside of them - but then i move to your photos and i (once again) find myself lost in your world.

    i am both inspired and smitten with your blog! i can't wait for more posts :D

    tiana of l'esthetique