pretty and pregnant

hello my friends! i wanted to share with you the pregnancy photos i took of my best friend summer. she is having a lovely baby girl named willow and even though she is still growing we were both too anxious to wait to take photos so this will be part one of her pregnancy series. so prepare yourselves for seeing a lot of this face.

in other news i was all excited this weekend to show you my new curtains that i made for my casa BUT after finishing one curtain i went to work on the next side and i cut my fabric too short so here is half of my project. i felt so down about it that i have yet to go to the fabric store to finish it.

while i am sad about my off cut fabric my heart is settled knowing that my husband chads project over the weekend isnt going all that smooth either (i know thats terrible getting pleasure from someones pain). he started building a cabinet in our bathroom because we have hardly any storage space and he discovered tonight that he cant hinge the door on because he built the whole thing crooked. now he is trying to use parchment paper to trace his cabinets and make a crooked door for his crooked cabinets. ohhh the many reasons i love him one being we are so similar so....i feel a little better about my fabric.

while he was building his wonderful cabinet i was bored out of my mind so i stole a few of his scrap pieces of plywood to use as a canvas and re-created some of my favorite art.

well my friends i hope you had a wonderful monday. my laptop is breaking so it might be a while before i write again. much love


  1. Holy cow I wish I looked as goof pregnant as your friend! Beautiful pictues you are so creative!