N E W   Y O R K

in case you havent guessed it by now chad and i are heading to the big apple next tuesday for our two year anniversary! we are both extremely excited and keep talking about how we cant wait to just get on a plane. 

(a few shots from our wedding thanks to keira)
(like the song on her website? i wrote it)
 if your wondering who this gorgeous woman in the picture is, that would be my mother

and these two mighty fine ladies are my lovely sisters

we will be visiting my sister hannah who just moved there with her new husband a few months ago. hollaaaa for families living out of state. my other sister courtney wants to move to italy (cross my fingers so i have a place to visit eek!) 
we both cant believe two years have gone by already and yet......there are times where so much has happened in between that we are almost surprised it hasnt been more then two years. its a weird feeling and that probably wont make any sense. its late. i shouldnt be writing.
we dont have any big plans while we are out there. i think we are just winging it as we go. chad and i are terrible at planning things. one thing is for certain i will be heading to the big city with my sister hannah so she can come with me to order my first drink because thats right folks ill be the big 21 next sunday. in the mean time i will keep you posted on NYC related things. until then 
much love


  1. I cant wait for you guys to get out here, we are so excited to have you. We are going to have a blast!! Love your blog...its as cute as you

    Love, Hannah