in all honesty im a winter kind of gal. if i could control the weather it would be raining with grey skies and foggy mornings everyday. for some reason though i am dying for spring and summer. i hope this year i can actually get a tan, i think thats why i like winter because my skin only turns two colors, bright red or pasty white. when its winter everyone is pale..its fabulous! ha. to kick off my spring excitement here is a new pretty things. what is your favorite season?


  1. I love it all!! It's such a shame the dress is out of stock!!

    Following you now, would you like to have a look at my blog and follow back if you like it? :Dxx


  2. Thanks for your reply on my blog :-) Those shoes are KILLER!!! LOVE!!!

    Your blog is gorgeous, will definitely be following you!

    xo Dinah