F I E L D S    O F    G R E E N

around this time all the hills in our part of california are woven over in a blanket of green and wild flowers. it is my most favorite part of the season, though it doesnt last as long as i would like. 
the little nook chad and i are taking residence in is atop a hill that over looks the small town we live in. throughout the hill there are many trees all scattered about, samson and i like to take small adventures through the hills to collect moss, find small treasures and take lots and lots of photos. the green hills will soon be dried out so we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can before its gone. 


outfit details: shirt wallpapher // skirt thrifted // shoes urban outfitters


  1. Absolutely stunning photos, the colors and your outfit is gorgeous!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  2. these pictures are beautiful! I love spring and this outfit is so cheerful and definitely appropriate for the season!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I really love the contrast and whimsical feel of them. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. These are so great. Love your outfit and the vibe the photos let off, they aren't too bright and airy but darker and a sense of beauty.