L E T S    T A L K    A B O U T    H A I R

im gonna be honest, my hair has been through a lot in its life. we have seen it be a many, many of shades (blond, red, black, brown, highlights). you see i am one of those girls that enjoy change as often as i can whenever i can. i started bleaching my hair when i was around 14 doing a few highlights every now and again, but i guess you could say it became somewhat of an addiction. for awhile i was doing straight up bleach to get that platinum blond look. in all honesty though, my hair didn't feel all that fabulous, split ends, frizzy, and very course. i then decided it was time to cut it to be healthy again and stop the bleaching for a bit. the thing is...i am itching for a change again. my last hair appointment, i did an all over brown and let it fade into whatever it wanted. now i am going for a strawberry blond, its already faded so terribly its going to take nothing to get it to my next color. what about you girls out there? are you as addicted to changing your hair as much as i am?


  1. I think strawberry blonde would be so pretty!! I am totally addicted to changing my hair. I've done streaks of red, blue, blonde...I'm dying for a new cut but I can't decide what I want!

    1. im glad im not the only one who is addicted! i usually look to pinterest for my hair ideas, the problem is there are so many styles out there and i get caught up on how the girl looks with the hair i sometimes forget i might not look the same haha.

  2. Oh my goodness you would be gorgeous as a strawberry blonde...would love to see it!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  3. yes and yes! It's killing me not to do something and then I realized it's only been three months.

    Miss you girlie! :)

  4. My colorist just started using a product line called Ellumen, by Goldwell, and they have such a huge assortment of colors, from vibrants to pastels. I am in my 40's so I wasn't too hip about trying this, but she convinced me I should go for a "violet hue" (my hair was a dark color with almost white highlights). What I got was bright vibrant purple! I was not a happy camper, since at my age I can't carry this off, so she used another Ellumen product that absorbed the color out after a long heat process, and then put in a pretty dark chesnut color, the result was this pretty brown color with some light pieces of mauve where the lighter bleached pieces had been in it, and I LOVED it, I get lots of compliments, so it all turned out well...but it was a bit of a long nerve racking process for me so I applaud your adventurous addiction to changing hair color, but as the previous comments stated, the strawberry blonde will probably look amazing on you, you seem to adapt perfectly to whatever color adorns your beautiful face!