W E D N E S D A Y ' S    C O F F E E 

 isnt this rose just the prettiest thing? it bloomed over the weekend and i loved it so much i had to take it in the house to enjoy it as much as i can. i kid you not this rose smells as sweet as candy! i cannot get enough of it. the only problem with these roses is for some reason the actual flowers dont last very long. this rose just bloomed over the weekend and is already starting to die out. im not sure what the problem is but its been doing it ever since we got here on the farm. i know that these rose bushes are extremely old and one bush is very rare...some kind of cross breed that apparently they dont make anymore. so maybe that is just the problem. who knows.. 

anyways, happy hump day y'all! i have a love/hate relationship with wednesdays. although i am sure we are have that unfortunate feeling about it, it truly is bitter sweet. but my friends, lets make wednesdays more enjoyable shall we? i here by declare hump day to be, wednesdays coffee, a kick of inspiration that can jumpstart our lagging work week and inspire us back into creativity. for my first addition to wednesdays coffee i discovered this lovely video and found it very interesting. its amazing how sometimes the unthinkable can become a work of art. 

yesterday when i got home i found cricket waiting by the front door with his paws crossed all fancy like. one moment i am thinking about how cute he is looking all weirdly proper and the next i find him drinking out of the toilet. he is such a weird cat. 

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