life has been so busy it seems lately between working and catching up with family, editing photos and getting organized for the baby...ill be honest its been awhile since i have painted my toes, or watered my plants or created anything. i would give anything to sleep in till 11 and have nothing to do all day long. then again, wouldn't we all like that?! 
we are trying to plan for little wolfgangs arrival, only four more months people! we are still not finding out what the gender is which has made shopping a little on the tricky side. especially since i keep finding myself leaning toward the girlish side of things. 
soon we will start working on wolfgangs little room. (we have to convert our sunroom into a nursery) i am on a mad hunt for a good crib and ideas for tiny spaces. 
here are some of my top favorite mouth drooling baby pieces that i must get my hands on. you can see all of my favorite wolfgang trinkets on my pinterest board here. i hope you are all having a fabulous work week. 
much love

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