i might be getting slightly carried away with these little wood shapes but i bought such a large pack of them i decided to try and see what else i could concoct. for this little project you dont need much but its time to roll up your sleeves for you are going to be using a drill.

supplies needed:
drill with very small drill bit
your favorite color of thread and embroidery thread
wood shapes

(dont mind the cob webs on my thread its been awhile since i have brought it out)

1. taking your little wood shape mark the holes you want to drill. i did two at the top where the string it going to wrap around my neck and two diagonally for design but its all up to you. just be patient for the shapes are thin and i did break quite a few of them with the drill

2. after drilling through your shape, it should look like a small piece of cheese. take your regular thread and thread it through the two holes at the top. this is the string that will be going around your neck so make sure you cut a big enough piece. then take your embroidery thread and thread it through the other "design" holes. tie it in a knot on the back. if you can fit the string thread it twice so it looks nice and full. and walla your little necklace is complete.

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