it is a lovely hot day today and so in order to distract myself from the heat i concocted a lovely little DIY just for you! and not to mention its easy as pie and will make a great summer accessories for you.
supplies needed:
mod podge
wood shapes (we got ours at michaels)
earrings posts
paint brush
embroidery thread

 1. paint your little wooden shape i chose to paint the mini square a medium grey with acrylic paint and let dry

2. using your mod podge and paintbrush, paint a thin layer over your shape and quickly wrap your embroidery thread around your square. then add another small layer of mod podge over the thread. let dry

3. grab your mod podge again and paint a thin layer on the back of your square and also on the back of your earring post. firmly push down on the post and let dry.
4. and finally enjoy your new earrings. we had experimented with different styles such as just adding lace or being simple and painting stripes.

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