im not gonna lie its a scorcher outside! today the ac broke for the second time at the dental office. we were all sweating bullets from the 87 degree temperature inside! at one point one of the doctors had to hike his scrubs up and put an ice pack on his neck to cool down.
that being said its time for something cool and refreshing.

here is how to make a delicious homemade strawberry cherry limeade and it takes literally 10 minutes.

1. supplies needed: two liter of sprite, lime, strawberries, maraschino cherries, frozen minute made limeade, ice    2. begin by crushing all of your ice first you can add as much as you like by how slushy you want your drink to be.   3. add all other ingredients besides lime. i cut the tops off my strawberries and added them hole because i wanted it to be somewhat chunky. and i don't really like cherries that much but i wanted a hint of flavor so instead of adding them hole i just added a little bit of the juice.   4. cut a slice of lime, add to the rim and enjoy!

i drank mine with my bean burrito. it was amazing!

here are a few shots from the office today

i hope you are all staying somewhat cool.
much love

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