chad and i have been working on getting the house ready for our departure. i decided to actually try and plan some outfits to wear. im going to be honest, packing is not my forte. for example i will pack 20 pants and one t shirt that i hate and when i get to my destination i am always irritated with myself. i am also terrible at packing the suitcase, its like a mini tornado whipped itself through all my clothes and landed carelessly inside my bag BUT this time i refuse to be a careless packer so i laid all my clothes out so i can get an idea of what i should wear. 
im starting a new leaf. 

i was just thinking to myself today that i forgot to introduce you to a new member of the family
meet monty
he's naughty

monty was found by the creek near the town i live in and i couldnt help but take him.
next time i write we will be in new york
much love


  1. Love the new format and font!
    Your outfits for NY are smashing!
    The new feline addition to your family is scrumptious.
    Have a good time in the big apple.

    Huge Hugs and Love~

  2. Oh my goodness, Monty is so so beautiful! Looks just like my cat Dennis :D