currently for our trip chad and i have been residing in the west hampton's where my sister lives. we have been taking it easy going on long bike rides and strolling through all the little towns here and there. today hannah had the day off so we went to love lane, a very tiny street with adorable little shops and an amazing restaurant called love lane kitchen. we visited a few pumpkin patches and a bakery.
we also spotted a turtle and a butterfly or two

 on our adventures we stumbled upon a small farm that grows hoppes for beer so we snapped a few photos there too. 

aren't chad and i so precious? hehe

tomorrow we are headed to the big city to walk around. i will keep you updated until then...
much love


  1. I'm so in love with that butterfly picture.

  2. Love the blog today, it's great! Love lane is so amazing. Great photos Carlee..