today is our first day in the city
we took the train over from west hamptons and then walked all through the town.
tonight we are staying at the ace hotel which is so amazing inside the pictures dont give it justice. 
tonight we are headed to a place called toshis where i will be ordering a huge bowl of mac and cheese and my first drink at midnight.
tomorrow we are headed to time feet are throbbing just thinking about it. i should have brought something else besides my urban outfitter flats where the soles are slowly peeling away...the super glue seems to be holding up though. my father in law would be shaking his head right now. ha

ohhh and i have to tell you this toasted marshmallow shake it to die for! i probably didnt need a large but i regret nothing.

cant wait for time square! see you tomorrow 
much love

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  1. New York seems to suit you! That hotel looks amazing!
    Who is that gorgeous red head??

    Have fun, and keep more pic's coming!