on our last day we all tried making the most of arizona by squeezing in as many things as possible. that being said we took a trip to the mim (musical instruments museum). it is amazing how many instruments there are in the world! after going through the exhibit we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for alex and tess' wedding. unfortunately i didnt get one picture the whole night but i did take a video that i think you are going to enjoy!

yesterday we were homeward bound in the big orange lazy days rv. it was an experience to say the least. we played scrabble to pass the time but since there was no ac it got really hot and we all ended up like zombies lying around anxious to get back home.the sunset on the way home almost made up for the terrible heat. it was a lovely mini vacation as bethany would call it. i hope you had a good weekend yourself.
much love 

(using the gas station table as a make shift tripod real shnazy!)


  1. You take such amazing photos and the video is adorable and so creative. You have a true talent my friend ❤