A    H O M E   S T O R Y // P A R T  O N E 

when chad and i got engaged we were planning on moving back to my hometown in 
colorado where my mother and most of my family live. chad was reluctant to moving
but was willing nonetheless. we had visited over the summer to start getting a scope
of how our new life would be in a bigger city. i could tell that it was going to be hard for 
chad and when we got back to california i realized it would be hard for me too. 
while looking out at the ocean after coming home i told him i couldnt do it and 
i could feel relief seeping out of him.
that meant we only had a few months to find a home before the wedding.
we didnt search high and low. 
we didnt go on craigslist everyday.
there was no company we went through.
we looked at one place. it was one of those things where chads dad worked 
with someone who was the daughter to someone who was the father to someone whos
mother owned the property type of thing. extremely confusing and very rare.  

i wanted to share with you how far it has come because sometimes i still cant believe
how much it has changed even in these past two years. 
the moment i walked into this place i wanted to walk right back out of it and never see it
again. i didnt take very many pictures of it because i simply didnt like it. so all i have is
this terrible video so please be forgiving. 

i cant wait to share how it all turned out
much love

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