A   H O M E   S T O R Y // P A R T   F I V E

let me just tell you its not easy taking pictures of my little house. it's hard to make
a square house look appealing. anywho this is my little living room! chad and i spend a lot
of time in here. i usually find myself in our brown leather chair painting, blogging or day dreaming.
i wont lie to you its probably the ugliest chair in the world. chad fell in love with it at a thrift store
and me, being a cool wife, let him buy it feeling very reluctant. turns out its the most comfortable
chair i will ever place my body in (that might be a little dramatic). i sit in that chair probably more 
than chad. 

my little cat cricket makes the cutest accessory to our little home....he likes the brown chair too! (hehe)
eventually we are going to get a hanging pendant light instead of our side table one. im hoping it
will open up the living room a bit more. 
next stop the bathroom. 
much love


  1. Yes it is VERY hard to make those square, white walls look how you want. I'm resorting to hanging fabric and blankets up, and really big pictures. :) Love kitty's whiskers and eyebrows.

    1. i never thought of hanging blankets up and what not. thats actually a really good idea. i would love to see pictures of your place!