A   H O M E   S T O R Y //  P A R T   S I X

i know you guys are just dying to see my bathroom! so....drum roll please
dum da du dummmm

our poor little bathroom. there isnt much to it but i like it. chad put a giant hole in the
wall and made pretty little cabinets so we would have more space to put things. 
i bought my lovely shower curtain from urban outfitters to cover over the glass shower
door. and chad hung an old rake head we found on the property for my jewelry.
my favorite is the small picture of the women i found in an old life magazine, i love
their full figured bodies and thought it would make a good addition to the room. 
well friends that's my home
i hope you enjoyed the little tour. 
much love


  1. I love the branch with the feathers, and the rake idea. Your bathroom is itty bitty, but pretty. :)

  2. Gorgeous women! Their lovely smiles are hard to resist. I love the idea with the rake head, I will definitely put up one in my home as well.

    1. i know they are so beautiful its ridiculous! im glad you like my rake. if you put one up i would love to see how it turns out.