A    H O M E    S T O R Y // P A R T   T H R E E

i must warn you that my little house is not pinterest perfect. while chad and i have done a lot of things to it, there is still a lot to be done. i am proud on how far along it has come though. chad and i have our own little style filled with quirky and unique trinkets that we both love. that being said our little nook has its own personality filled with random objects, colors, and designs. i hope you enjoy my little home tour.

our room is quite small so that being said we cant fit much in it.
we somehow managed to fit all of chad and i's clothes in that tiny little closet.
its a miracle i tell you. 
i can assure you one of these days i will paint that ugly dresser 
but until i have the time, brown it remains.
do you have any big house projects going on?
i'd love to hear about it.
much love

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