A   H O M E   S T O R Y // P A R T   T W O

when we finally decided that we were going to live in this little house
it meant we really had to get to work because there was a lot that needed
to be done to it. the woman that owned the place had our part of the house built as
her craft room so everything in the house is kind of wonky.
we decided to rip down all the wood panelling, throw dry wall up, texture and paint.
it was a process but we were lucky to have so many friends and family help us out.

first we had to rip down all the ceiling tiles. that was a real treat let me tell you.
once again my photos are terrible so please be forgiving. 

my nanna even helped us out. isnt she a doll?
and then there was weed wacking. i didnt do all of this mind you....actually i believe thats as 
far as i made it. 

i cant wait to show you the pictures of how it looks now!
much love

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