chad and i love to eat at a place called slo pasty. there is not one thing there that i have eaten and not liked. including their cookie dough nutella pasty which is to die for. the other night i wanted one so badly but it was too late to drive to san luis so i concocted this recipe and its pretty darn close to the original.

supplies needed: pie crust (mine was the betty crocker box mix), cookie dough, nutella, milk, flour

1. preheat oven to 450 degrees in the mean time make your pie crust following instructions it can either be homemade, frozen or box mix, all will work. roll your pie crust dough on floured surface, you want to make sure that the crust is not too thin so it doesnt break apart.  2. add your cookie dough slightly toward the edge of your rolled dough. i made my cookie dough using the pioneer womans recipe you can find it here its seriously the best. once you have the cookie dough nice and mounded you can take a spoonful of nutella and spread it evenly upon the cookie dough.  3. fold the edges of the pastry and pinch the sides. brush on a bit of milk over the top of the crust  4. place on an un-greased cookie sheet and bake for about ten minutes. keep a close eye on it because you dont want the cookie dough to actually rise, you still want it to be soft and gooey. once you see the edges starting to brown you can take it out.  5. enjoy!

i accidentally dropped one of them on the floor and it exploded everywhere but it didnt seem to stop chad from eating it. 


  1. I tried this once, but filled it with pumpkin filling. Every bite I took was torturous. It was not a pleasant thing to consume. Undercooked was my problem I think.

    1. yes i wont lie that doesnt sound all that good.