f r i d a y

chad and i have friday's off together so we usually do a bunch of random things to occupy our day. the weather today couldn't have been more then perfect. grey skies in the morning filled with a slight breeze and peeks of sunlight throughout the day. we took little samson to the park to run around, had some tasty lunch and i finished knitting my scarf
i somehow through all our gallivanting managed to get chad to take some photos with me. of course i really only got one good photo before it turned into "lets do jumps in the air and ill launch myself off this chair" type of thing. i'm not good at jumping. don't judge.
i hope all of you are having a fabulous start to your weekend.
much love.

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  1. Girls just naturally aren't as good at jumping as guys are. Why is that.

    But the scenery behind you is BEAUTIFUL. Wow!