i have been seeing a lot of people getting their craft on by hand stamping numerous things using fabric paint. i thought i would take a wack at it since my ikea duvet cover is looking a little sad and bare these days. being on a budget though, i did it as cheap as i possibly could. 

since i already had my duvet cover on hand everything else was pretty cheap. 
supplies you'll need: duvet cover, craft foam, hot glue gun, stick, xacto knife, fabric paint. i drew out my little mountains free hand on the craft foam (which is super cheap i might add, only 89 cents for craft foam get outta here!!) and then cut it out with my exacto knife. then using my handy stick i got, glue the foam to it and walla! handmade stamp. once your stamp is all made up you are free to stamp your little heart away. i used a paintbrush and painted my fabric paint to my stamp so it was somewhat smooth. 

for awhile i was trying to measure out the spaces so they were evenly apart and then decided it was taking too long. i like that it doesnt look perfect. i decided to only do part of the duvet cover so as not to overwhelm it. as for the shams i free handed them, turning them each into mountains. all in all i think it turned out pretty darn good. monty seems to like it quite a bit.
much love

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  1. Looks so good! Even better in person! you can do everything "you could move mountains" I swear...