I T S   G O O D    T O    B E   H O M E

it has been a very busy week while my two sisters have been away. i volunteered to watch my niece and nephew and my other sisters dog stella. so including my dog, thats two babies and two dogs....it was a massive mistake taking all four of them to the park especially since i didn't have leashes for the dogs. thank goodness the only problem i had was scarlett trying to eat the sand.  besides being constantly drowned in dirt, boogers and always sticky we all had a good time. but i dont think im ready for kids. i dont know how moms do this. props to you guys.
its wonderful to be home with my cats and quiet home. i have been working on my crocheting skills and currently am working on making my first blanket. I'm slightly obsessed with it, i want to finish so bad my hands are starting to hurt. so i thought i would take a break and say hi. i hope you all are having a great weekend.
much love


  1. Love the little feet pic! Precious. Kudos to you for taking on so much responsibility! Your a good Auntie!

  2. ooooh you have no idea how happy I am to see pictures of yarn on your site. :) Love that you are crocheting.

  3. Oooh! Came by to visit your blog after you visited mine! I'm loving it and following you now! Lets be BFFs k? ;)