N E V E R   N O T   K N I T T I N G

recently i had the wonderful privilege of shooting the photos for alana dakos' upcoming knitting book botanical knits. when she first contacted me about doing it i thought it probably wouldnt work out. as a fairly new photographer i felt a little too inexperienced to take on such a challenge and i figured in due time she would change her mind. that was of course until she told me all the knits were done and she was ready to start shooting. 
it can be quite a bit of pressure when doing photography because you want so much to please your client yet show off your own talent. in all honesty, day of...i was sweating bullets. i was more than thankful my sister was the model so we could joke around together. i think we both felt a little tense. but how can we learn anything or go anywhere if we don't step out of our little shells and shoot for the best. i feel that it turned out pretty spankin well and i had a blast doing it. i thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos of that day that may or may not have made it in the book.

if you have never heard of never not knitting you need to check it out here. she is an insanely talented woman who i am so honored to work with. i hope you enjoy the book when it comes out. 


  1. Great shots! You did very well, and I wouldn't worry about pleasing the customer if I were you. They just have to love these photos :-)

  2. Your amazing Carlee! Never doubt yourself, you have talent! :)

  3. Some of those photos brought tears to my eyes Carlee, you are a very talented amazing photographer, keep shooting my sweet little girl!

  4. Yeah, you are da bomb photographer hehe!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshinesuperglam