lately i have been itching to make some homemade baby clothes but between my sad excuse of a sewing machine and living in a town with hardly any good fabric stores around my motivation has been, well, non existent. but chad and i's third year wedding anniversary is this month and he bought me a brand spankin new sewing machine that completely knocks the socks off my old one. 
that being said i thought i would at least try and make do with what i got. so if you live in a small town like i do and hardly any of the fabric stores in your area carry standard jersey knit fabric then i have a solution for you! 
walmart has officially become my new bff for carrying cheap jersey t shirts that come in 5XL. the shirt was only 5 dollars and i still have enough fabric to make another pair of leggings and possibly a headband. once i found the t shirt i started on a hunt for a baby legging pattern that didnt involve owning a pair of leggings already and wasn't too complicated. i finally stumbled upon what i think is the best baby legging tutorial out there. the pattern is free, very easy to follow, and you can choose three different sizes to make. you can find it here.

after making the leggings i took fabric paint and hand painted all the triangles. you can either do it before or after, its up to you. i want you to know i was intensely tempted to do cat head silhouettes instead of triangles but given that i do that on almost everything and i don't know what gender wolfgang is a decided against it. i do have a feeling that my little wolfgang is going to be decked out in leggings about 99% of the time.
happy sunday ya'll
much love,


  1. How adorable and creative...LOVE!! I need to learn how to sew and do that for our baby girl coming...very cool!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  2. Love these leggings! And how creative of you to paint on some fun triangles after-the-fact:) Glad you found the tutorial helpful - best of luck with your little one:)