W E E K E N D    R E N D E Z V O U S

my oldest sister surprised my other sister courtney and i with a little weekend getaway to catalina island. the weather couldn't have been anymore perfect for our little trip. it was so nice to be able to relax and explore the island. all of us girls live pretty busy lives in different ways and we dont always get a chance to spend time together one on one. sometimes you forget how important it is to do that with your siblings if you have them. i know i take for granted having my sisters, you get so used to seeing them here and there that you lose track of how much time has gone by or how you didn't know certain things about them that you thought you did. its important to catch up every now and again even if just for a moment. 
going to catalina for the weekend was something i think we all needed in our own way. it will probably be the last little trip i take before i become a mom and have freedom to do things. it will be something that i will always cherish with my sisters. 

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