M A T E R N I T Y   S T Y L E

7 M O N T H S

( skirt and shoes: h&m ~ mens denim: forever 21 ~ t shirt: catalina island)

six months ago i was thinking to myself its going to feel like forever before i have this baby. i had so many ideas about how i wanted to blog about every moment and do outfit posts, now fast forward six months and now im due in three months and havent done any of that! i cant believe how fast it went and how lazy i've gotten. but alas heres my new favorite outfit that i slapped on just for you guys. since my pants officially dont button i am moving on to stretchy skirts and my husbands clothes (which he is just thrilled about). 
thus far pregnancy has been smooth sailing. i have managed to keep the stretch marks away (for now) and have been eating as well as i can. recently i have had the delightful privilege of experiencing braxton hicks but my theory on this is the more the merrier  since i am going to try and go into this birthing situation natural i figure it will better prepare me for when i go into labor and im not freaking out since i have never experienced it before. this way i will have a slight idea as to how its going to go down and i will already have my technics on dealing with the pain. one can only hope for the best.
for those of you mamas out there who did it without pain meds what were some of your technics in handling it? id love to hear all about it!

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